An Open Letter to Gen Raheel Shareef


Shared here is a mail being forwarded extensively signed ‘Naeem’.

RaheelaAn Open Letter to Gen Raheel Shareef

Dear General,

No gainsaying the fact that, today Pakistan is going through its most dangerous existential. The very survival of its state and society is at peril. I am sure that with the vast intelligence apparatus at your disposal; you must be the best informed person in Pakistan, regarding the terrorist threat to Pakistan. But sir, are you aware of the consequences of the government/ military inaction or lack of a cogent, effective response to unbridled terrorism?

Anyway, let me reiterate the current situation for you; as understood by a majority of Pakistanis:

1)   The current situation can be described in one short phrase – a blowback of our 35 years of continuous policy of using non-state armies in pursuance of our regional geopolitical/ foreign goals.

2)   The Frankenstein monster nurtured by the deep state now refuses to get back in the bottle. While it is true that some of the TTP factions are being sponsored by some external powers; but who is to be blamed for this? This inferno is of our own making.

3)   Since the army has been in the forefront of combating the terrorists, how come there is no national COIN or anti-terrorism policy? Do not blame the various political governments; since the army has been calling the shots for most of Pakistan’s political history and particularly since the last 35 years.

4)    Talking about the policy, does your team understand the difference between COIN and anti-terrorism?

5)   The non-policy that the army/ political leadership has been following; particularly after 2007 is just based on one strand – appeasement.

6)   Even today, on the face of worst atrocities against the military and civilian population; your response is just reactive.

7)   Am sure, in your defense you would say that the army is under the political government; but since when have this fact deterred you (the army leadership) from doing whatever you thought is in the best national interest? (Read corporate interest of the army leadership). Never mind that the army has arrogated to itself the authority/ responsibility to define the national interest.

8)   Now coming down to the charade of “talks” with the TTP. Do you really think it is pragmatic or logical? Do you really think that it will promote peace and tranquility in the country?  Do you not think that these “talks” are a non sequitur? Talks are always help between two legal entities; not with terrorists. Period. Talks always imply a certain “give and take”. Now pray tell me what could the TTP give to you or what could the state concede to them? So what are the talks going to be about? Do you not realize the chicanery of this fraudulent government that, both the committees are populated either by card-carrying Taliban or their known apologists? Even if we concede the need for talks; then why is the govt not talking directly to the TTP? Why has it outsourced it to non-representative persona?

9)   It is the considered opinion of most thinking Pakistanis that:

–         Nawaz is not serious about talks; it is just a gimmick to placate the gullible public.

–         Recent history shows that the Sharifs are master-appeasers of TTP. Rumors are that there is a tacit deal between the Sharifs and the terrorists to spare Punjab and no action will be taken against them as long as they confine their mayhem in other provinces parts of the country.

–         About 1000 terrorists have been convicted and cooling their heels in the death row; why have they not been executed as per the law?

–         Shabaz has been paying stipends to known terrorists and also giving funding from the Punjab budget to terrorist organizations.

–         Rana Sanaullah, the mouthpiece of PML-N in Punjab is on record in admitting that there are 175 madarrasas/ centers of terror in Punjab. The same Sanaullah has been hobnobbing and striking electoral deals with the TTP before the last elections.

–         There are reportedly about 250, 000 trained jihadis ensconced in the madrassas of south Punjab.

–         Nawaz gave tickets to 55 well-known terrorists (or their apologist) for the last elections).

–         The logical corollary of the above could well be that, under the garb of ceasefire; the TTP is restricted to FATA; while it ceases its terrorist activities in rest of the country. This will be tantamount to ceding a chunk of territory of Pakistan to TTP to declare its “emirate”.

–         An extended corollary may well be that in the due course of time Nawaz imposes “Sharia” to further appease TTP and they accept him as Amir ul Momineen (fulfillment of his 1998 dream).

10)                     The above clearly manifests that Nawaz and his govt are in a de facto alliance with the terrorists, out to undo Pakistan. This makes Nawaz and his accomplices terrorists.

11)                     I hope you do realize the deleterious consequences of the acceptance of “ceasefire” by the govt and its desire to resume the “talks”? Let me put it down for you:

–         The TTP has always used such “ceasefires” to reorganize and rebuild. And when they are ready, they will resume their nefarious activities from a position of strength.

–         Even after the declaration of ceasefire, 11 security personnel escorting polio teams and one student were killed by TTP.

–         This morning there is a report of an attack on a FC vehicle.

–         Have you General, ever given a thought that that, what would be the consequences on the morale and discipline of the armed forces in the face of restrains under TTP atrocities? For how long would the army be able to maintain its professional and organizational integrity? Am sure you are well aware that such problems have been recurring with an increasing frequency.

–         These hypocritical “talks” will only enhance the image of TTP and accord them legal status and legitimacy.

–         The military is the only impediment for the TTP and their collaborators- the Sharif mafia; in realizing their designs. God forbids, if your inaction and acquiescence in the nihilistic policies of Nawaz and party castrate our armed forces, then what fate would befall on Pakistan?

12)                     You have been touted as the author of the army’s COIN manual; but where is the info- war component of the COIN? Looking at the cyberspace and print media; it appears that the TTP has already won this crucial aspect of war.

13)                     Now the 64 million dollar question – what can you accomplish to get us out of this hole (created by your predecessors)? As one soldier to another; I would beseech you to straighten your spine, stand upright and without any ambiguity, vacillation or equivocation tell Nawaz that his current (non) policy on terrorism is wrong. A coherent and a holistic grand strategy should be quickly put together and immediately implemented; with the military force as its operational component.

14)                     No reactive/ retaliatory strikes; the military must grasp the initiative and strike to eliminate the terrorists and not merely contain them. We have seen the devastation and havoc caused on TTP by the recent strikes. They should be continued with vigor and consistency.

15)                     The majority of the public (and the armed forces) have had enough; despite the supposedly lack of consensus touted as excuse by the ruling politicians; the nation wants ruthless action against the terrorists and to be delivered from fear and harm.

16)                     Ask Nawaz to declare emergency, since we are at war. Use the emergency to muzzle the enemy (pro-TTP) media; because they are not only giving propaganda space to the Taliban, but are causing despondency among the public. (I again need to ask you, where is the info- war component of your COIN strategy?).

17)                     Nihilistic and anti-Pakistan mullahs (nurtured and sustained in the first place by your predecessors) should be collared and put into the time-honored protective custody (that is another reason for imposing emergency).

18)                     Now such a policy/ action would produce two major problems: a) IDPS and b) eruption of TTP retaliation in urban centers throughout Pakistan.

–         IDPs. Active the National Crises Management Agency.

–         Urban Attacks. Enhanced and coordinated intelligence could pre-empt these.

19)                     You could tell Nawaz that if he cannot take the heat, then he should quit; after all he won’t die of starvation unlike a lot of our compatriots; since he has the looted goodies/ monies stashed abroad.

20)                     And General, if you cannot do all this; then take the honorable way and resign; otherwise we would be constrained to count you as part of the problem.



The author is Lt. Col(R) Abdul Naeem

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  • Col. Singh  On March 4, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    “…abt 250, 000 trained jihadis ensconced in madrassas of S Punjab & Nawaz gave tick to 55 well-known terrorists 4 last elec”

  • Rizwan  On March 5, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Damn well said, any honorable soldier would first and foremost avenge the death of his men. I wonder if our army still has the concept left in its ranks.

  • Amjad Kiani  On March 5, 2014 at 11:28 am

    This mail has been in wide circulation for quite a few days. Generally I ignore such mails but since it has been posted in this august forum I feel compelled to answer.
    Most part of the article or mail or whatever it is based on miss Mahin Malik’s personal views and judgement and is mere conjecture. I have a few questions though and you may be best suited to ask for a clarification.
    1. How come a lady, as is evident from the name of the author, is chief’s course mate? Is she covering up for someone?
    2. May be I am wrong and the author is actually a male and only his name is feminine!!!! And he appears to be a great patriot, living in UK is absolutely his own choice. My question is why did he/she remain silent for so long ie almost six years and why he/she couldn’t pick up the courage to call a spade a spade when the country was going thru such hard times? I am not saying that he was afraid of someone but then is he trying to curry favours with someone else now?
    3. “Corrupt to the core chief” has not yet shifted to his “Riaz Malik” built “bunker” as alleged. He may some day. Incidently the list of addressees also include the chief architect of that “Bunker”. he, if he so likes, may be able to shed light on who built it. Yes it is a good house constructed with lots of love and passion but so is the case with most people making their house. I for one have seen that house only once much before its completion and continue to live in my own home that I built with same love and compassion before chief was.chief and Tariq Azizuddin ( the kidnapped ambassador) can definitely vouch for that. The other two brothers live where they live but definitely not with him.
    5. Its nine yes since I left army am self emp, live comfortably but still would like to see and take possession of the account that Miss Mahin Malik has so authoritatively pointed out as “bursting from the seams”. In present day Pakistan that kind of account should have a couple of billions!! No? Pl do send me the details and I promise to give you half of that. Incidently ex chief also had number of sisters and a very loving old.mother, I thank the author of this letter for sparing them.

  • Faisal Imam  On March 5, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Bulls eye and do not let any third rate government colour your vision about Pakistan.our interests and our society is our responsibility,not a cornerstone of somebody else’s interest.

  • Endrabi  On March 5, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Some it looks it skipped your eye. I am updating

    Sent from my iPad

    Capt Tariq Azizuddin

    Dear friends and course mates,

    In 2008 I happened to be visiting Rawalpindi and was invited for dinner by Gen Ashfaque Kayani for the 45 PMA long course retired officers reunion. During the course of that long evening a surprise took place in the form of the sudden and unexpected appearance of our course mate and friend Capt Tariq Azizuddin who had been released by the Taliban from their captivity the same day. Tariq as you will recall was Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan and was kidnapped by the Taliban a few months earlier. I also happened to be seated with Tariq and his lady wife on the same table as Kayani. Now what Tariq told me that night is exactly what has transpired since. The Taliban had released him after negotiations with the army and ISI. They had also sent him with a clear cut message for Kayani and the government. They had threatened an all out bombing campaign, assassinations of high officials, kidnapping for ransom, unleashing of suicide bombers, attacks on the armed forces and the civilian population, sabotage and destruction of infrastructure throughout Pakistan, unless their (outlandish) demands were met and imposition of their version of Sharia was implemented in the country. Now had this threat been understood and taken seriously, the army and the government would have launched an all out war against the Taliban right then in 2008.

    However Kayani and Zardari, men of limited vision, lacking a sense of history, cowardly and corrupt to the core of their beings, both conspired against the soul of Pakistan and let mayhem happen. The conspiracy was to ensure the defeat of Pakistan Army from lack of action. Whatever small victories that were achieved in Swat, South Waziristan and FATA were on a Div, Bde and Bn level, just enough to fool the people as well as the armed forces. The Hussain Haqqani episode and Kayani’s inaction on it was another proof of his complicity in the deal to let ‘them’ undo Pakistan. Another deal he entered into was to ensure that the corrupt system would continue unhindered and Nawaz Sharif would form the next government and for that Kayani received an unprecedented three year extension from Zardari.

    He now sits tight in his palatial bunker built by Malik Riaz, along with his two brothers, their bank balances swollen to beyond bursting point while the country burns and its people are bewildered and in shell shock . Although it was a collective failure of the massively corrupt Zardari government, the complicit and friendly Nawaz Sharif led opposition, the corrupt judiciary headed by the morally bankrupt chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, I would put most of the blame on Kayani. Had he not been a party to the conspiracy, being the army chief he could have acted as per his sworn duty to defend the country against both internal and external enemies. He could have done what Gen Kakar did and send packing both the PM and President, hold fresh elections and obtain a mandate from the people to launch the army against the Taliban for an all out war.

    During the eight year tenure of Gen Musharraf as Army Chief and President, there were around 550 terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Between 2008 and 2013 under Zardari and Kayani there were over 13000 terrorist attacks and targeted killings. What this tells us very loud and clear is that a proud and brave army under an intellectually dishonest, morally and materially corrupt and cowardly Army Chief just failed.

    Now I wrote to Kayani a few times and my friends and course mates (all those on my mailing list) were sent copies by email. I warned him to correct his (and his two brothers) ways and do for Pakistan what he swore under oath to do. Some of you thought I was being too harsh on him. Please rethink now. The shameless coward not once had the guts to respond to me personally or meet me in London. He sent me messages through aides and his regards through Pakistan’s then army attache in London. In my last letter to him I predicted that he will fade away with a whimper and the army and people of Pakistan will hold him in the lowest dishonor. I also ask you all to verify with Tariq Azizuddin about his conversation with me that evening in 2008 and that what he told me turned out exactly as he said in his message to Kayani and that he had turned a deaf ear on him.

    It is perhaps still not too late to win the war against the Taliban. Truth and conviction along with military prowess and gritty leadership will prevail. Let us hope and pray that the new army chief, Gen Raheel Sharif proves to be a true son of the soil and continues what he has started till complete victory is achieved and this Taliban scourge is eliminated from the face of the earth. If any malignant force or entity, internal or external, political or religous, gets in the way of salvation and liberation from the evil of terrorism then I hope that Gen Raheel Sharif and the army will sort them out too.

    Regards to all,
    Mahin Malik

    PS: Please copy to others.

  • IFTIKHAR AHMAD  On March 5, 2014 at 11:36 am

    He is Major (R) Mahin Malik, Gen Kiyani’s course mate.


  • TAN  On March 5, 2014 at 11:38 am

    I am surprised that Brig Amjad bother of Gen Kiyani is not aware of his brothers course mates, but that does happen sometimes, even I was confused as to why this lady has posted this email. Thank you Barrister Iftikhar for your clarification.

  • Amjid  On March 5, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Mahin malik . 45th long course. 11 cav . Married a British girl and so left the army. If its the same guy.

  • SR  On March 5, 2014 at 11:44 am

    I know Mahin Malik. Armored Corps. An outstanding officer. He married a British national of Pakistani origin. He writes very well,as he is well-educated. Lives in London.

  • Amjad Kiani  On March 5, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Sir I regard your words about Maj Mahin. My only humble request is that he may have differences as to how should chief had tackled a particular situation and that is acceptable. If he gets into hurling blames I would very frankly but respectfully request him to furnish proofs or else shut up. I am also attaching an email of another person who is highly respected officer

  • Khaliq Ur Rashid Kayan  On March 5, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Dear All!
    I am Khaliq ur Rashid Kayani from 15th entry, CCHA, not related to Gen. Kayani. But I know the family since early 80s. I got retirement from Army in 2006 and am teaching in NUST since then besides running a Consultancy Firm known as ACES. My Company is proud to have designed and supervised construction of residential building for a variety of clients. The “palatial bunker” as mentioned in the note from someone mentioned as ‘Mahin Malik’ was also designed and supervised by ACES. Hence I must state certain facts about which I don’t have any doubts, and none at all. It also must be be understood that I am not spokesperson for the family under discussion despite the fact that I have lots of regards for it.
    I don’t know any person with the name tag of Mahin Malik, have never heard about, but made out that perhaps he is gentleman from 45th PMA Long Course, resides in London and claims to be a diehard Pakistani! (No pun intended)
    The “Palatial Bunker” was not built by Mr. Riaz Malik!! I know this for a fact and will say that on oath anywhere. The contractor, who built it, was paid by Gen. Kayani himself. And that it has not been occupied by the General so far. By the way, Gen. Kayani has three brothers and not two as mentioned by Mr. Mahin Malik and none of them lives with him.
    I, in no way, imply that Gen. Kayani should not be criticised. What I expect from people of this forum, expectedly decent and prudent enough, to be sure of what they state in public and should not be carried away in their hatred and haste.
    Regards and respects to all.

  • Endrabi  On March 5, 2014 at 11:47 am

    I knew him very well as 11 Cav was with us since ages(9FF Wilde’s). He was at Kharian as 2Lt in same Brig. I was not sure if he was the same. A strikingly smart officer.


  • CNU  On March 5, 2014 at 11:48 am

    This thread started with a letter from Col Naeem to Gen Raheel Sharif but quickly drifted to a letter from Maj Mahin Malik to his course mates.
    Col Naeem’s letter has many gaping holes but I would prefer to ask the purpose, or as per Army terminology ‘Aim’, of his narrative. On the one hand he is blaming Army for interfering and calling the shots in the civil affairs and on the other hand he is urging Gen Raheel for the same. How can you ask a grade 21 (or 22?) officer to start delivering directives to an elected Prime Minister of 180 million people? If Col Naeem has enough material to get NS & Co indicted, he should not waste any time in approaching a Court of Law. He will do a great favour to a large number of Pakistanis by getting them rid of this gang of looters but once they have been voted into power by people then they are the ones to give directives.
    If we give credit of being most informed person to Gen Reheel then let us also give him some chance of using his intelligence, which becomes collective when joined in by the Corps Commanders.
    BTW Mahin Malik was Coy Senior Under Officer, Khalid Coy, 45th PMA.

    • Zeeshan ch  On March 7, 2014 at 10:44 pm

      Haahaaaa elected prime minister ..don’t expect more from this PM ! He can give you face of orphans being very sympathy with country but erradicate your ego power and his tasks will promote more terrorism By God it’s truth .. The decision took by army if militants attack on security forces they are free to retaliate with out coward PM permission ..

  • Janjua  On March 5, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Colonel’s Assessment has not considered Geo-Pol implication.

  • Zeeshan ch  On March 7, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    I love the way you write in cimprehensive approach to realize chief the real Blizerd yet to come if not took decision now right time ..

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