No Nishan-e-Haider for Soldiers of War on Terror

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Pakistan has lost about 40,000 people–soldiers and civilians combined since 9/11. Since then, Pakistan military claims at every international forum it is actively engaged in fight with the Taliban and al-Qaeda to regain the state’s writ on FATA, almost equal to Belgium in land area while its population is more than Georgia. The enemies-Taliban and al-Qaeda, killed 100s of the troops in the line of duty and beheaded some to terrify the generals.
But–there comes a ‘but’–the military has not recognized the valor of the troops fighting the ‘War on Terror’ for the last more than 10 years on the most difficult terrain in the toughest phase of the country history. There is no ‘Nishan-e-Haider’ (NeH)–the most prestigious military medal so far, for the bravery of a single living or fallen soldier.
The highest military medal ‘Nishan-e-Haider’ is given to a soldier who shows unprecedented  heroism in extremely dangerous circumstances on the battlefield. The military has till this day recognized its soldiers’ heroism in their fight against its self-defined arch rival India. There are 10 lucky soldiers who had been awarded with the NeH, though  posthumously, for their bravery against the enemy. (One other soldier had been awarded for his valor and had been given Hilal-e-Kashmir, equivalent to NeH.) All of them fought against India.
The NeH receivers include soldiers of almost each war and skirmish with India. Starting from 1948, soldiers who fought in 1958, 1965, 1971 and Kargal skirmish in 1999–the heroism has been recognized via honoring the best soldier with the NeH.
The country’s longest and most crucial “War on Terror” with the most dangerous enemy who defies the Geneva Convention has not been recognized in terms of honoring the soldiers fighting Taliban and al-Qaeda in Waziristan, Orakzai, Kurram, Khyber, Mohmand and Bajaur. Ask a Pakistani today and s/he would not be able to recall a single name of one brave soldier who fell in the line of duty in fight against Taliban. Nor ordinary Pakistanis know about a single story of a  victory at a battlefield against militants in the over10-year long war. They would, rather, recall several names and battle stories of the Taliban or al-Qaeda, thanks to Pakistan’s Jehadi media and extremists’ propaganda.
Who loses at the end? Pakistan military and all forces who want a strong Pakistan. The military is accused for not owning the ‘War on Terror’ by not honoring its own men. The outer world too is suspicious of Pakistan. And the fight between military and extremists looks jaundiced in appearance to its critics with every passing day.

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  • Ardeshir J. Elavia  On November 4, 2012 at 4:41 am

    The war on terror being fought by the Pakistani Armed Forces whether in FATA or in the settled areas of Pakistan against Al-Qaeda or Taliban or TTP should be recognised as such. In the numerous battles that have been fought I am sure many must have shown their valour and some above and beyond the call of duty making the ultimate sacrifice. If military awards are bestowed and if Nishan-E-Haider is deserving it should not be denied. An enemy accross the borders or within is an enemy.

  • Rizw Saleem  On November 4, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I have read and been told of acts of bravery during these ten years that will make you teary eyed and swell with pride of what our soldiers have done. Shame on the govt and the high command for such cowardice. The nation that does not honor its heroes does not deserve them.

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  • Mansoor Mubeen  On November 4, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Hum khurmao wa hum sawab.

    This war was instigated mainly by pak army so now they should not get nishane haider. I am sorry for being so satcastic. But what i can say there can not be any denying.


  • Col. Riaz Jafri  On November 4, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    How ignorant?! I wish Mansoor knew that even if it was initiated by the army the decorations would hardly be given to the initiators who sit far behind from the front lines where the ordinary soldiers (men and officers) lay their lives for something EXTRAORDINARY and called as the BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

    But I suppose such acts of valour are beyond the comprehension of army haters.

    Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd).

    • Mansoor Mubeen  On November 4, 2012 at 4:18 pm

      Col riaz jafri sahab. Salam.

      i may be ignorant person sir, but please allow me to say How naive u r.

      I do not think i am army hater. Some of the people i have learnt the best lessons of my life and i love them have the army background. But these are the people who were British trained professional honest army officers.after reaching the major general, when one of them retired, he did not have a single house in any defence society of Pakistan. and another one a brigadier was fighting arguing with his retired lieutenant t general father to exert his influence to send him to the front when Indian planes were hovering overhead during 1971 war, and his father refused saying that those who are handling affairs now, are in a better position to decide themselves, i will not do any thing which is not on merit. ( please forgive if i have made any mistakes in army ranks. )

      After 1977 besides nuclear development please list ONE single patriotic service of Pakistan army. And that nuclear advantage has become a liability because of our army only. Who could sell and transfer the centrifuges and related technology in military planes without army involvement.. who is managing smuggling with India in Punjab and sind borders.with chin on sust borders, with Afghanistan in kp borders, with Iran on quetta borders, for the last many many decades, who initiated the MQM monster, who is playing death games in Baluchistan, who humbled and embarrassed Pakistan in kargil, who introduced NRO and gave the gift of AZ to this nation, who produced the Taliban and so on so forth.

      so my dear sir, please come out of the regime that only army officers are patriots, and they do not make any mistake, and please learn to say what is right and what is wrong.

      if you put wheat in the fields, you can not expect the harvest of rice. this is what YOU have put in the ground. so please do not expect people like me to endorse the decorations any more. i am sorry sir for my bluntness. unless you learn to realize the mistake, and its responsibility, you can not go forward.

      it is high time that pak army comes out of its self decorated shell of heroism and patriotism and bravery and apologize publicly for all of its faults and mistakes .

      mansoor mubeen

      • Aijaz  On November 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm

        Dear Mr. MAnsoor Mubeen
        Wll you please explain the monsters Karachi is facing today were inflicted by whom? was it not an army dictator zia and his cronie general?


  • idrees  On November 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    The army knows best. Some gallantry awards have been given but as they are essentially against own people, they are not much advertised, or may be there isn’t any deserving the Nishan!

  • Mansoor Mubeen  On November 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Aijaz Sahib: sir that is what i said. this monster for Karachi was created by army.and none other than our beloved ameerul momeneen general zia was responsible. \


  • Rizw Saleem  On November 4, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    I agree with whatever Mr Mansoor says but the topic here i believe is decorations for valor which have every right to be awarded to the men who lost their lives in this campaign..

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