Exclusive – understanding life on Siachen

This is a cross post from: http://www.mediapoint.pk/life-on-siachen-how-tough-job-pak-army-is-doing/

An exclusive view and photographs of an officer who performed duties in Siachen in 1990 on posts as high as 21000 feet are placed for viewers of media point.

Gayari Sector being displayed on media is a battalion head quarters at about 13000 feet. The company headquarters are usually at a much higher place and the individual posts of platoon and section level are usually as high as 19000 to 21000 feet above see level.


                                                                                          Sleeping Room



                                                                     View of the area outside the post

                                                                  Calling ariterllry fire on indian post

                                                                          Guarding the borders

                                                                               Company Headquarter

                                                                             Climbing on the post

                                                             Artillery air burst attack from India

                                                                         An Artillery gun position

                                                         Targets of harsh weather and high altitude

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