The Myth of Siachien :An extreme case of Oro-politics

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Jawad Raza Khan

A service Wednesday for 138 Pakistani soldiers and civilians buried in an avalanche.

THE GROUND ZERO is under deep discussion since 139 officers and men of Pakistan Army have gone under more than a Km long and 80 feet high snow rock in Giari Sector on Siachien Glacier. Only a miracle can save anyone out of them but interestingly in the dynamics of media politics, Anti nationalists/ paid journalists who are having an affair with US and India and their hegemonic designs, who are criticizing Pakistan whole-heartedly without any break and whoindeed are the greatest supporter of Amman Ki Asha are now taking a swift and a smart maneuver to misguide Pakistan yet another time. Unfortunately this time the issue is too hot to handle, sensitive and complex “The Siachien Glacier”. These sold out pseudo intellectuals are now demanding unilateralwithdrawal of Pakistani forces from Siachien Glacier, confirming their exclusive working on an exclusive agenda. Global strategies are designed and executed when ripe properly and that is the reason now for Pakistani masses to educate themselves on this issue on war footing; otherwise we will again be faltering(Courtesy 46 million US dollars to Pakistani media).

The Recap

America has always won a distinction in killing humans and environment, while setting examples leading to conflicts. Just to qualify the statement, the era of nuclear regimes was triggered by US after World War II with destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here again, the glacier conflict between India and Pakistanwas set off by US. For quantifying evidence we need to knock the doors of history with a little awareness about the term of Oro-Politics.

In modern usage Oro-Politics denotes the use and abuse of mountaineering sports for political and military purposes. The first Oro-political event was an ascentof Nanda Devi (Indo-China border) by joint Indo-US expeditions in the 1960s, basically to plant devices to monitor Chinese nuclear activity. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in cooperation with the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) planned a climb of the peak to place a nuclear-powered telemetry relay listening on the summit of Nanda Devi. The device was designed to intercept telemetry signals from Chinese missile test launches in Xinjiang Province. Unfortunately for them,a massive snowstorm during the initial climb hit the expedition and the device was lost in an avalanche and, as so far known, has never been found. As a result of this activity, the Sanctuary was closed to climbing by foreign expeditions during much of the 1960s, and was not re-opened until 1974. This was the kick startof Oro-Politicism in the dominions of Indo-Pak conflict in mountains.

After having learnt the art of Oro-Politics from US by deploying their assets against China with them, the Indian think tank turned their attention towards the main foe “Pakistan”. Operation Meghdoot was then launched against Pakistan in 1984 which resulted in control of India on major chunk of Pakistan’s Siachien Glacier. The possession of Siachien Glacier can only be proved by referring it to the mountaineering history and records of Pakistani Tourism Departmentduring 70s and 80s. During this period, several mountaineering expeditions applied to Pakistan to climb high peaks in the Siachen area. These expeditions arrived on the glacier with a permit obtained from the Government of Pakistan. For instance Teram Kangri I (7,465 m/24,491 ft) and Teram Kangri II (7,406 m/24,298 ft) were climbed in 1975 by a Japanese expedition led by H. Katayama, which approached through Pakistan via the Bilafond La Pakistani side of the line.

Just to add into, in 90s sports activity was shown in Arunachal Pradesh India, for ascent of Nyegyi Kangsang (7047 m) and the attempt on the nearby peakKangto (7090 m), area was again located near India-China border. These were as much sporting activities as visible demonstrations of de facto control of Indiaover terrain claimed by China. Yet another hit on Chinese claim, unsporting indeed, it was revealed later on that actual summit of Nyegyi Kangsang was not even reached, terribly against the norms of Mountaineering sports.

After putting the record straight and enlightening you with an extremely dangerous game of politics in mountains played by rivals of China and Pakistan, one need to understand the deeper strategy connected to all this.

Gaining foot hold on Siachien, can be safely termed as first phase of war designs launched by US-India-Israel Nexus. It is basically killing two sparrows with one arrow China and Pakistan using poor Indian soldiers as fuel (The Arrow). For every two days one Indian soldiers dies and India is spending five times more than Pakistan for maintaining troops on the Glacier.

The First Phase can also be termed as positioning of forces before the main to come (in case). What all the nexus is endeavouring to neutralize is Kashmir issue in case of Pakistan, while ensuring encirclement of China by cutting Pakistan from Karakorum Highway. In addition to this, while maintaining terrain superiority they will also be able to deny any space to China in Indian Ocean through Arabian Sea (The Gawader Port).

Political aims can only be achieved when you have a perception supportive launching pad to sell it to the world. In this case US and India are far ahead of their respective counter parts especially Pakistan. With ingress of US and India in Pakistan’s media industry (SAFMA), Pakistan’s intellectual engine seems to have lost its orientation completely. On the other hand the main stream media is busy is disseminating themes injurious to Pakistan’s sovereignty, while keepingaudience confused, ignorant and disorientated for times to come.  The recent hue and cry in shape of articles like “Bring our Boys Back” are fueled to ensurehealth of political interests of enemies of Pakistan and can no way help Pakistan to exist with grace and honour. Here it is imperative to highlight that soldiers are trained and born to die let them fight it out we should be proud of them as they are safeguarding their own political and strategic interests.

The Black sheep’s must be spotted and dealt with effectively to ensure interests of Pakistan and its friend China with velocity and precision. I appeal the media managers of Pakistan (one not sold out) to take stalk of the circumstances before it’s too late. May Allah guide all of us in this crunch situation!



The writer is based in Islamabad.

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  • khan saheb  On April 18, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    am not sure what to label this as – a natural disaster, human disaster, political disaster or sheer madness!

  • Syed Wajahat  On April 18, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    The Saichen Glacier is no small matter. It is a reservior of water for the next milinium when the shortages are going to
    appear in greater magnitude as global warming takes hold.

    In Patagonia, Argentina, glaciers within the Andes have been sold to investors in USA.
    As a matter of fact, 2 of the biggest investors in the options for the ownership of water
    contained within them are George W Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger ( the film star former
    governor of California).

    If let go, Saichen is the next big foreign investment bonanza. By selling the water rights. Indian government
    stands to win big time cash. What the investors get in return is royalties on the use of water. Same as what
    happened to the Basmati rice, which was patented as a new breed of rice in spite of the fact that farmers
    have been growing it in India, Pakistan and Iran for ages.

    This is nothing to be taken lightly, a very strong team of negotiators must be put on this issue.
    Discussion and negotiation is the only way to handle this. A war will destroy the ecology
    and the usefulness of the region. Then, No one will win in the end.

    The target is a win win situation.

    Syed W. Hussain

  • Riaz  On April 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Its unfortunate to see some black sheep’s of media/politicians who in the garb of recent traumatic incident of Giari,has started advocating unilateral withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Siachen.These elements of society are unaware of the Geo-political,strategic ,economical and military importance of the issue,just trying to fulfill their own agenda and serve their vested interests.May ALLAH bless us with the wisdom and foresightedness to safeguard our national interests.

  • Imran  On April 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm


  • Muhammad Amir  On April 18, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Absolutely agree with the writer. However, the question that remains unanswered is why are we so generous to our sold out (or at least available for sale) journalists and politicians. Those who claimed to conquer Pakistan (na-ozubillah) by sitting in Indian tanks are still in our own country’s parliament or some how their descendent is leading foreign office, now it is futile to make all of the intellectuals understand its worth and inevitability after intelligentsia. Its time to take some practicable however harsh measures to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan. Majority portion of our media is preparing a breed of impotents that can’t even resist for their own rights. Politicians have their own nauseating past and present, the example to quote is Ganja Nawaz Sharief, who went as far as uttering that Pakistan should first withdraw its forces from Siachen. Is he that naive or a downright idiot that he does not understanding the filthy Hindu mentality?

    Our biggest enemy is Hindu India and we have to secure our borders from Hindu Indiots even if we have to incur our 100% budget on it. The same Hindu intruded our land and broke our eastern part which was later established as Bengladesh. What more evidence these jerk politicians and self proclaimed barking media dogs want? Are they dumb and deaf on activities of Indian planted moles in Balochistan under umbrella of CIA and Afghan intelligence Riaysat e Amniat e Milli but its very disappointing that no one speaks on Hindu India’s terrorism on our borders and its intrusions in our country.

    Its time for all of us to feel some responsibility and bring right people (those who are patriots, intellectuals, strategists, decision makers, fair and honest) on board and if it is not happened within short span of time then I must tell you that we will be on loosing end despite the opportunity that is being created by Allah (swt) in our neighbour where another super power is on brink of disintegration. And this time again our Afghan brothers cut another Pharaoh into pieces, we just need to ensure that we are there to get benefits that the struggle of Muslim Resistance Force has brought for the Ummah. Rest assured the benefits could only be reaped if your decision makers are sane, visionary and honest people.

  • Hasan  On April 19, 2012 at 10:12 am

    MMAN KEE AASHA infact is a conspiracy to sell Pakistan.public welcomming it in hope of seeing Bolly wood stars live!!! pity on us.

    • Sumbul  On April 19, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      Amir i partially agree your comment but indeed you have to be more pragmatic in your approach! The people u mentioned will always be there to disrupt Pakistan what we need to do is to educate our people! and thats what we are doing right now.

  • Sajid  On April 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

    But real condemn able personality is Nawaz Sharif, who dont know the stretegic importance of Siachin,,the foolish politicians just try to score Politically ,without thinking repercussions,,

  • Ejaz Akhtar  On April 19, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Kayani urges less spending on defence………….

  • imran  On April 19, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Wr all know how corrupt these politicians. All they want is power in government, even if larkana or raiwind is given they would go for it. As far as media is concerned wr know that Geo tv, Ary , Express tv shows mostly disturbing news in Pakistán or bollywood songs, I dont understand What interest do wr have in Pakistán to know that if amitabh or shahrukh Khan have breakfast or not. I think my point is understood. Stop being Idiots and dont follow Aman ki Asha when would Meera, Atif, Rahat wake up specially meera & Rahat after being slapped so hard but hindu zionist

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