West -India Nexus Sweating For another Dacca!

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Impediments- People’s Power & Nukes

Jawad Raza Khan

It was afternoon or perhaps an evening tea time, when I entered the intramural of my house in a middle class locality of Karachi. This time of the day use to be a leisure stretch, with jokes cracking along with rusk and tea, but very soon, I realized that the environment was devoid of all I was used to. The intense silence at that unexpected time made this event a permanent mark in my memories for the rest of my life. I looked around to check up any health issue with anybody, as everybody was present there; nothing of that sort was the reason of that hush. While looking at those gloomy faces my eyes turning into a question mark, my grandmother sighting my anxiety broke into tears, grabbed me tight, and cried “ son we have been divided, Pakistan is broken”. At the tender age of around 4 years I couldn’t comprehend much from that cry of sorrow but still that emotional intensity of my grandmother made me cry louder than her. This was 16th December 1971……. This was how most of the Pakistanis reacted to this tragedy.

It took 25 years for our corrupt, selfish and incompetent leaders after Mr Jinnah and Mr Liaqat Ali Khan for ground preparation of the desired act, India’s wicked diplomacy to prevail and exposure of the real intent of west with regards to an ideological Muslim state, to achieve the result in shape of dismemberment of Pakistan. Students of history must know that Pakistan was declared independent on 14th August 1947 without even spelled out boundaries. It was on 17th August 1947 when Boundary Commission of British India formally announced the areas falling in jurisdiction of both newly formed States of Pakistan and India.  It was a shudder for Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur to replace the flag of Pakistan by an Indian flag on government buildings all around his district on 18th August 1947. The game for Pakistan to a failed state was on since then and a milestone was achieved in 1971.

Since 1971 the onslaught launched by all three mentioned above have created huge scores of quagmires for the rest of Pakistan and truly speaking mindset of none of the three, Pakistani leaders, India and West have been changed by an iota. They are indeed religiously following the very mission of their ancestors with more zeal and vigour.

If the above setting up is still carrying on; if the deadly mission pursuance is becoming deadlier and deadlier; if by and large the same milieu can bring laurels for anti-Muslim sentiments in the Arab world; if Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan are insurgency hit since years; if Pakistan has lost around 40000 Pakistanis after 9/11; then why it is taking so long to go a step further in eliminating Pakistan from the world map??

This is the theme to ponder now! Constants haven’t changed rather one very prominent aspects has induced a new fervor by collaborating against Pakistan,   our western proto freedom of speech “The Media”.  They are indeed playing a very important part for west and India by creating; manipulating and ensuring wedge between all important institutions of Pakistan. Last ten years have seen a wave of uncontrollable cyclone of complete disinformation coupled with some distorted information gripping the minds of Pakistani masses. So, now elements to remove Pakistan from the world map have increased manifolds with major chunk of media supporting anti Pakistan agenda. 

On the other hand, Pakistanis have now realized that actual agenda of 9/11will remain incomplete till the extinction of Pakistan. Now what are the elements who are tangible impediments against the dreadful wish of this combined evil? it is the people’s power combined with its nuclear capability. Combination of the two above has turned Pakistani society into an un-crushable impediment for its enemies. An extremely swelled up lower and lower middle class in combination with energetic youth comprising 60% of 180 million is indeed an alarming recipe for corrupt leaders, India and West. They are modern, equipped and are in abundance to defend Pakistan from its enemies of the outside world because one; they are vibrant, two; they love the ideology of Pakistan, three; they are fearless and four; they are not slaves by their mindset (courtesy cyber revolution) which engulfed them at the very right time. Tragedy for electronic media (domestic) is, that youngsters are not watching their everyday drama 8-11pm basing on the same theme, but are busy in comprehending the actual threats through networking and cyber media. To their horror they are not only observing but are reacting fiercely to any unwanted situation for their country. The people’s pressure has forced the Government of Pakistan to revisit the foreign policy especially with US. The complementing ground of people’s power and nuclear capability has provided the leadership a cushion to do, what they couldn’t do or didn’t want to do.

Pakistan’s nuclear assets which are mostly labeled as strategic in nature, especially in the field of international politics have multifaceted its application. With commendable leap in the command and control set up and capability of its tactical employment in the battle field in correct time and space has given an invincible authority to the People’s power of Pakistani nation.

No drones after 28th November, vacation of Shamsi base before the deadline and more importantly after the failure of Bonn conference, Pakistani leadership must now feel confident about what they are doing, even if they are pressurized by the people of Pakistan to do that. Media should understand the priority; Pakistan is not supposed to be handled commercially now! It’s time to remember the debacle of 1971 and draw strength out of whatever tools we are having now. History must be seen in the perspective of future to determine the right course of action to live with dignity and honour.

Buck up Pakistan !


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  • Idrees  On December 17, 2011 at 7:06 am

    Please recall treatment of the elite from East Pakistan… Suharwardi,
    Kh. Nazimuddin, & many more good souls until 1964 election where
    Mohtrama Fatima represented by election agent Mujeebur Rehman, who
    carried the election from East Pakistan which was stolen by Ayub
    literally by arresting many Bengali leaders & stuffing the ballot
    boxes – first hand eye account by an army brigadier who did the
    stuffing and arresting of Bangla leaders… The truth will out.. the
    incompetency and corruption has been with this nation since 1947…so
    just relax, it has improved because it has permeated… and instead of
    stink, it is now imbedded flavour.


  • nazakat  On December 17, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    has anybody determined the culprits of 71,no ,why ? because east pakistan tregedy doesnot fall in priority of our political elite.the nation that hasnot determined the causes of loss of its motherland, how can it take preventive measures, our leadership is so pethaticaly apologetic that they donot refute the claims of bengalis that pakistan army raped 300000\bengali women in 1971,whereas there were only 25000\soldiers in east pakistan most of whome were deployed along the border,i mean look at your ldrship, do you think zadari gives a damn to esat pakistan, or you expect gillani to determine the route cause of fall of dhaka, sir we have an in-capable ldrship whose only effrt is to complete its tenure and earn as much as they can,so forget about resolve of youth and your atomic achievements cause if they can reach abtabad ,then they can reach any where,so donot count atomic programme
    because your paf is in-capable to fight against the us,in-fact they appear frightened ,the americans came to abtabad and went back and paf remained asleep then they destroyed slala check post and remained engaged for 2hrs but our proud paf could dis-engage itself from deep sleep

  • Gulam Asgar Mitha  On December 18, 2011 at 3:26 am

    I suggest you to read my article “Lessons From Bhola Cyclone of E. Pakistan” published on my website


  • By Kian Wideman on December 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Kian Wideman…

    Enjoyed every bit of your post.Thanks Again. Really Great….

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