Editor’s note: US Rep Dana Rohrabacher slammed Pakistan stating her to be a radical Islamic terrorist state demanding America to end it’s irrational relationship with Pakistan & strengthen ties with India:  this is simply a manifestation of the arrogant attitude by the West. It is winning them no laurels. Only multiplying problems for them. And the world.

This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive

By: K. Hussan Zia


The erstwhile Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan in 1979. The reason given was to ‘liberate’ the country from the control of its ‘medieval feudal rulers’ and ‘Islamic extremism’ and to clear the ‘nests of terrorists and bandits’. They also vowed to liberate Afghan women from the oppressive veil, do away with all ‘backward’ Islamic customs and bring the country into the ‘civilised’ world of the twentieth century. In the process more than a million Muslim men, women and children were killed. Close to five million, equivalent to the total population of Norway or Denmark, were driven out to seek shelter in Iran and Pakistan. More than half of them still remain in refugee camps abroad. The invasion ended in ignominious defeat, leaving Afghanistan in shambles, devastated and abandoned.

In 1982, Israel attacked Lebanon and occupied the country killing thousands of Muslims, most of them Palestinian refugees sheltering in camps that were supposedly protected by the UN. The occupation lasted more than fifteen years. The civil war that ensued as a result of the Israeli invasion and occupation consumed the lives of 100,000 Lebanese.
A vast fortune was spent, mostly by the Arab states, in supporting Iraq’s utterly uncalled-for war against fellow Muslim Iran that lasted eight years. Neither the UN nor anyone else was allowed to intervene to bring about peace. It took the lives of at least one million Muslim young men. The US and Britain provided military intelligence and loan guarantees to Saddam Hussein for purchases of weapons and expertise while Israel sold US made weapons worth billions of dollars to Iran in what became known as the ‘Iran-Contra Affair’.
In 1986 US President Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya, prompting a young girl to write this poignant letter to him, ‘Dear Mr Reagan, I am seven years old. I want to know why you killed my little sister and my friend and my rag doll. Is it because we are Palestinians? Kinda’. NATO eventually completed the mission in October 2011 by destroying most of Libya after bombing it for eight months and killing its ruler Moammar Kaddafi. The number of other Libyans who died in the process is not yet known.
In 1991 Iraq occupied Kuwait, a fellow Arab state. Instead of settling the issue between themselves, the rest of the oil-rich Arab countries invited western nations to destroy Iraq and more than paid for their expenses. Many years later US Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger, admitted on television that the primary US motive in the Gulf War had been the removal of potential Iraqi threat to Israel (CNN, 13th Sept. 2001).
The bombing of Iraq and sanctions against her continued for twelve years after 1991. An estimated one and a half million Iraqis died as a consequence of the UN sanctions, euphemistically described as ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in some quarters. These included five hundred thousand children under the age of five. Madeline Albright, the US Secretary of State, told CBS’ Leslie Stahl on television (CBS programme Sixty Minutes, 12th May 2006) that the price paid by the Iraqis was worth it for achieving western objectives in the area!
This was following by a second illegal war and occupation in 2003. It has so far caused one and a half million excess deaths and created at least four million Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan and dispersed within the country itself. The UNSC never authorised the invasion of Iraq ( The method used for calculation of excess deaths has been certified as ‘robust, close to best practice and tried and tested’ by no less a person than the Chief Scientific Adviser to the British Ministry of Defence, Sir Roy Anderson, and can be viewed at: Worse still are the millions of pieces of radio-active depleted uranium ammunition strewn all over the poor country that will continue to cause cancer and deformed births among the poor Iraqis for hundreds of thousands of years to come, if not longer.
In early 1992, Serbia and Croatia embarked upon systematic genocide of Muslims in the fledgling country of Bosnia. Western powers and media tried their best to keep the news from leaking out to the rest of the world and under wraps for four long months. Even organisations such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International became willing partners in the cover up (‘The Guardian’ and other publications). The world community waited and watched for two and a half years while more than three hundred thousand Muslim men, women and children were slaughtered and two and a half million of them driven out of their homes (A Witness to Genocide, by Roy Gutman, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, P. 104). The atrocity was inventively described as ‘ethnic cleansing’ to circumvent the obligatory action called for under the UN Charter in cases involving genocide. For commentary on the UN’s role in the atrocity please see ‘Slaughterhouse — Bosnia and the Failure of the West’ by David Rieff, Simon Schuster, New York, pp. 139, 140 and that of the US in ‘Bystanders to Mass Murder’ by Samantha Power in The Washington Post of 21st April 2002.
When it became apparent in the 1992 Algerian elections that a party with Islamic leanings might win, the military staged a coup. The action received enthusiastic support from all the western champions of democracy, led by France, as Algeria plunged into a horrendous civil war. More than one hundred thousand Algerians were killed, many more disabled and the economy destroyed. A western-approved and thoroughly corrupt dictatorship was installed only to be thrown out by the people after a bitter struggle. In October 2011 the Algerians again voted to put the same party with allegedly Islamic leanings in power.
In the early nineties it was also the turn of first the Chechen and then the Azeri and Kosovar Muslims. In the case of Chechnya the atrocities continue unabated to this day. Until 28th September 2001, CNN and most of the western media had referred to the Chechen groups fighting for independence as ‘freedom fighters’. One day later, when Russia pledged to back the US’ so-called ‘war on terror’, the same Chechens became ‘terrorists’ in the western media lexicon
The on-going Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories has lasted forty years. An estimated three thousand Palestinians have been killed since they started to protest twenty years ago. Nearly four million of them have been living in sordid refugee camps, some for more than sixty years, unable to return to their homes as Israelis build illegal settlements on their land.
The struggle of the Muslims of Kashmir for their rights is as old as that of the Palestinians. Indian Security Forces have been carrying out a murderous campaign of repression, so far killing more than ninety-three thousand men, women and children, torturing many more and raping over eleven thousand women. There is no end in sight and evidently no one cares.
Following the attacks on WTC, Afghan towns and villages were subjected to a vicious bombardment campaign that killed scores of thousands of innocent men, women and children who in all certainty had never even heard of New York let aside the World Trade Centre. The Afghan Government was replaced by a motley crowd with a dubious past and little power or influence. The country has since been in the unrelenting grip of chaos, anarchy and deprivation. No one knows how many more have perished for the occupying powers ‘do not keep a body count of the enemy’. The number probably exceeds a million or more.
Ostensibly, the justification for attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq had been to remove Taliban and Saddam Hussein from power —- illegal acts in law. This was achieved within weeks but the occupation by the western powers and construction of permanent military bases in the two countries continues even now. The best way to secure peace and stability after the stated objectives had been attained would have been to hand over control to some neutral organizations like the UN, OIC or the Arab League. When it failed to happen, it put into question the very reason and basis of the undertaking.
The ongoing drone attacks on Pakistan and elsewhere are without acceptable justification and a provocation in total disregard of international law and indictable as a crime against humanity under the Geneva Convention, Part IV of Protocol I, chapters 1 – 5, articles 48 – 59. These have gone on for years without any let up and have now extended to include even the Pakistan military, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children who had done no harm to the US. How would it feel if Pakistan or any other Muslim country acted unilaterally against a western nation in the same way?
In the summer of 2002 Hindu mobs went on a rampage of pre-planned murder, rapes and looting of Muslims in India’s Gujarat State that left thousands dead. A report released by Amnesty International reveals the extent of the horror. ‘Hundreds of girls and women were dragged out of their homes, stripped naked before their own families and raped, often gang-raped, had swords thrust into their bodies and were thrown onto fires while often still alive. The pregnant women and children were particular targets. —- At least 33,000 children, many orphans, who reached relief camps, had seen their close family members deliberately killed before their eyes’. The United States’ government simply termed it an ‘internal matter’ for India and the media forgot all about it. (See the award-winning documentary ‘The Final Solution’ at:
Christian Armenia attacked and annexed Nagorno-Karabakh, a part of neighbouring Muslim Azerbaijan, killing thousands of its inhabitants. The area has been cleansed of its Muslim population. Over a million of them have been driven out to live in sordid refugee camps around Baku. No action has been taken despite UN General Assembly Resolution No. 62/243 passed on 14th May 2008 that ‘demands the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of all Armenian forces from all occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan’. However, Armenia was removed from the US list of states accused of sponsoring terrorism.
This is not all by any means. The open season on Muslims also extends to the Philippines where the Muslim Moros are being forcibly evicted from their lands, with support from USA, to make room for Christian settlers. A similar situation reportedly exists in China’s Xinjiang Province. There are periodic pogroms against Muslims in Thailand’s southern provinces where they are persecuted and treated as second-class citizens.
Then there is the matter of Muslims held in prisons around the world, without any charge, trial or recourse to justice who are tortured mercilessly in the most inhumane ways. Amnesty International reported that the ‘total number of Muslim detainees from different countries held outside the USA by the US is 70,000’ (University of Vermont’s Professor Huck Gutman in the Dawn of 6th July 2005). This estimate was revised to 83,000 detainees a year later, in 2006. Out of these, more than 100 had died during interrogation. The US also maintains a list of suspected terrorists. The total number of names on the list exceeded 325,000 five years ago and almost certainly is much higher now.
Imagine the uproar if atrocities of this nature had been committed by Muslims, on the same scale, against Christians anywhere. Would they have gone un-noticed and uncared-for in the same way, not simply in the West but also, shamefully, among the Muslims who matter? They are not without influence by any means. Countries of Middle East and North Africa produce the life-blood that fuels the world economy and western war machines. Even a hint of closing the tap or withdrawing even a part of the six trillion dollars worth of investments they have made in the West would send its governments scampering. It did not and will not happen because the interests of Muslim elites are so inextricably tied to the West.
The anger and frustration against western-supported, often tyrannical, regimes is the main cause of instability and disillusionment with the West in the Muslim world. Any suggestion along these lines generally encounters rejection and denial. The blame is passed to the Muslims instead for ‘they hate us because of our freedoms and achievements’ and not for what the West is doing to them. It looks more and more like a case of ‘manufacturing’ an external enemy to replace the one that was lost after the demise of the Soviet Union. It is needed to avoid western nations from turning against each other as has happened so often in the past. The question we have to ask is that given all this how realistic is it for the Muslims to expect understanding and humanity, let aside common ground with the West?
The writer is author of ‘Muslims and the West: A Muslim Perspective’ and ‘Pakistan: Roots, Perspective and Genesis’.
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  • Mohammad Chaudhry  On December 12, 2011 at 2:04 am

    All this is a bitter recall of old story of ,” A lion and the lamb” and veracity of the time-old precept,”Might is right” even in 21st century world,termed as global village.It’s also reflective of centuries-old biases,prejudices and fixations of all kinds amidst media influx and so-called spread- up of civilized world and development of institutions of UNO and UNSC to put up a facade of fair deal and fair play for humanity at large.
    However until and unless a wide-spread movement like Arab Spring,takes place across all the Muslim world to uproot the stooges of vested interest and greedy,self-centered rulers and at the same time all the conscientious-minded people, mentally emanicipated from biases,prejudices and fixations of all types, in the rest of the world undertake a movement like OWS( Occupying Wall Street) to expose wicked people obsessed by greed,slanted perspective and insatiable lust for power to gather fat by squeezing everyone else through all kind of manipulative games,the dream of a truly civilized world,with a reasonable level of justice and fair play,can’t be materialized.The media and I.T tools can play a great role for this sublime objective,very difficult but not impossible.through initiative,persistence, endurance and perseverence of committed people.

  • Amir Rana  On December 12, 2011 at 2:05 am

    True….. and that is what I concluded many years back. If we want to RISE from this state of tyranny, we’ll have to come back to the basic guidelines provided to us by no other but ALLAH. Read Quran with an open mind and try to finish the translation in two weeks or so and you’ll find a great deal of clarity about the RIGHT way forward.

    Anything poised towards putting the hope lines on developed countries (mostly west) to somehow awake their sense of “humanity” or something like that are bound to be failed. Pseudo intellectuals’ approach of continually cursing our own self for being Muslims and their suggested solution to convert ourselves into “Liberal Roshan Khayals” is nothing but a prescription of opting for a painful death. Take the case of Bosnia….. weren’t those liberal (rather extra liberal) people. But what was the treatment they got??? If you have not forgotten their massacre you’ll understand what I mean. NON-MUSLIMS can never be friends with MUSLIMS. It is not a statement by some fundamentalist but expressedly stated in Quran. Now it is our stupidness to rely on something else.

    The day, when a reasonable number of Muslims will decide to STAND UP against the enemy, it will run away or get defeated. This is bound to happen….. somehow….. some day. What is and will be our role in all this is the question everyone should try to find an answer.

  • Salim Nawaz Gandapur  On December 12, 2011 at 2:15 am

    Dear Ms Yasmeen Ali,ASA.
    Thank you for forwarding such a poignant and well researched Article!
    How can I establish contact with the author, Mr. K Hussain Zia?
    Best wishes!
    Salim Gandapur

  • muradali shaikh  On December 12, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    West needs to apologize the Muslim World as :

    CAIRO – December 10, 2011
    Tahrir Square, epicenter of the earthquake that ousted Egypt’s western-backed dictator, Husni Mubarak, is quite – for the moment.
    There are banner-wavers, speakers, and youngsters milling about. But the by now world-famous square has a forlorn, leftover look, with more street people than revolutionaries. Violence crackles like static electricity.
    Heavily armed riot and security police and their armored vehicles are massed nearby. In the ancient Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, I saw vanloads of government thugs waiting to attack demonstrators. I was almost arrested when I started taking photos.
    Demonstrators at Tahrir showed me cans of expended tear gas that caused some deaths and many casualties. Whether they were the usual anti-riot CS gas, or the six times stronger, carcinogenic CR that can kill or blind, I could not tell. But the canisters were marked, “Made in the USA” and everyone knew it.
    While Hillary Clinton was gushing about democracy in Egypt, shipments of US made anti-riot gear, including truncheons, gas, and rubber bullets, are being airlifted in from the US. Clinton’s US State Department appears to be timidly backing Egypt’s revolution, but the real power in US foreign policy, the Pentagon, is standing firmly behind Egypt’s 500,000-man armed forces.
    I just observed Egypt go to the polls in a series of complex parliamentary elections. The vote was remarkably clean and fair, a triumph for all Egyptians.
    Two more regional polls are yet to be held, but the outcome is clear. The Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamic ally, Wasat, won over 40% of the vote. The Salafist al-Nur Party, which seeks a state run under Islamic law, won 24%. The secular Egyptian Bloc won only 13.4%.
    All the preppy, upscale, youth armed with cell phones and Blackberries first seen in Tahrir that became the darlings of the western media vanished. Revolutions are made by political and economic issues, not social media.
    Egyptians clearly want democracy and parliamentary government, as do people across the Arab world. But Egypt’s mighty military-security establishment and its western backers do not: they are fighting a bitter action to slow down real democracy and to safeguard their privileges and power.
    Egypt’s military gets nearly $3 billion in US funds and arms each year, plus millions more in “black” money from CIA and the Pentagon – in addition to millions in economic aid. The US supplies all of the military’s key weapons systems and retains control of the spare parts keeping them operating. The most important US intelligence and security agencies maintain large stations in Cairo to protect the regime. Half of Egypt’s food imports are financed by the US.
    Many of Egypt’s key generals “trained” at US military colleges and defense courses where they were vetted by CIA and DIA. As with Turkey’s large armed forces – at least until nine years ago – Egypt’s military was joined at the hip to the US defense establishment and arms industry. In exchange, Egypt agreed to become a tacit ally of Israel.
    Given Egypt’s role as a virtual US protectorate, the flood of hypocrisy now issuing from Washington, London, Paris and Ottawa over their alleged support of Egyptian democracy is striking. For the past thirty years, these powers have ardently backed Egypt’s notably ruthless, brutal dictatorship whose security forces used torture, rape, and murder to terrorize its citizens.
    While Egyptians want democracy, the military wants political figureheads and the right to intervene in politics to protect its interests aka “national security” – the same demands used for decades by the rightwing Turkish military to block democracy. Egypt’s generals insist there be no investigations of human rights abuses. Washington is trying to sustain the Egypt-Israel alliance that all Egyptians detest.
    The military, its US backers, Israel, and some misinformed western media warn the Muslim Brotherhood will turn Egypt into another Iran. This is nonsense. The Brotherhood is conservatives, timid and focused on social issues. In Egypt’s political context, it is a moderate party.
    Egyptians want jobs, housing, food, education and a rescue for the deeply ailing economy, not worldwide jihad.
    If western powers fail to seize this historic opportunity and work with the Brotherhood’s moderates, they will end up with the scimitar-wavers.
    The west can begin by apologizing for so long supporting Mubarak’s brutal dictatorship.
    copyright Eric S. Margolis 2011

  • Syed Wajahat  On December 12, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Here is the sad story of How Muslims view the West.

    Muslims have always worshiped the Europeans as
    their savior in face of the fact that Europeans in general
    never had any respect of Muslims. The benevolent nature of
    Sultan Salauddin displayed to Richard the Lion Heart was interpreted as a weakness.

    The same mentality persists even to day.

    All through these atrocities as you see today imposed upon Muslims
    through out the world. Muslims still flock to the west rather than finding
    solution for themselves.

    If this isn’t an indication of weakness in Muslims, then what is?

    By their actions, aren’t Muslims telling the world, come and
    unleash your masochism upon us we are your slaves.

    When every thing is said and done, we all deserve what we get.

    There is only one way, declare a moral independence, by taking
    one basic risk the belief in oneself, the inner path, rather than continuously
    looking in the westerly direction.

    Syed Wajahat Hussain
    Cupertino, California

  • Norine Wilt  On December 27, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Great info and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you people have any ideea where to hire some professional writers? Thank you 🙂

  • Darrel Goonen  On January 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    You made a number of nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found the majority of folks will agree with your blog.


  • By The Real Definition of Terrorism « pakpotpourri on December 12, 2011 at 11:21 am

    […] Editor’s Note: Where is the US heading? Let us see….to disaster. For herself. From a super power who could have played the “Big Brother” to the world, charting a course of supremacy for herself for decades to come, US has instead chosen to be the wolf in Red Riding Clothes! Except the Red Riding Hood’s cover is blown. Read Khan Zia in”How the Muslims See the West” by clicking: […]

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